Go Hard, or Go Home

I really liked our discussion topic on mobile marketing, mobile apps, advergaming, and short films. A mouthful, I know! But, these are really cutting-edge marketing strategies that are quickly approaching. Some of these tactics may have already touched you, without you realizing. And videos are everything these days, aren’t they?

In the current digital landscape companies/brands infuse their website content video content, not only to make their websites stimulating and visually appealing, but it serves as a way to reach consumers. A brand that I highlighted this week, I will highlight here. I cannot help it, they are so exciting to talk about and share with my fellow bloggers:

Please do yourself a favor and watch one of the many awesome and inspiring videos that they produce:

GoPro has mastered the art of streaming media, which is essential in capturing viewers interest in the emerging media field. With streaming media, consumers can listen to other customers provide their testimonials, and view the world through their eyes. In all actuality, the GoPro videos serve as a testimonial in their own right.

All shot with GoPro cameras:

Check these out: