Hot or Not?

Creating buzz is very important. How does anyone know about your company, brand, product or anything if you don’t create excitement around learning more about your offer?

There are many ways to drum up excitement about your latest project. You could:


If you are at a loss for how to generate more exposure – especially if you are on a tight budget – then this method works in drumming up promotion with little cost.

Create a viral marketing campaign

This is the digital form of ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing. The idea is that one or several individuals may see a marketing campaign and then pass it along to their friends, and so the cycle continues. At some point, there will seem to be a spike in media attention with the marketing campaign displayed everywhere — hence the term ‘viral’.


Blogging helps too. Creating buzz for project can be fun. The key, however, is to determine which buzz drumming strategy you should use that is strategic and makes sense for your brand.

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