It’s all Social

MAY 19, 2015

There is so much happening on the social media front, and information is available to anyone who inquires. It is important in today’s times to have some sort of presence on social media, but just because the options seem endless, does not mean that you have to subscribe to all that is available. Choosing your social medium platform carefully is important and should be carefully considered depending upon your intended audience and objective.

I would like to take a few moments to categorize the most prominent social media platforms that are popular here within the United States.


This social media platform is great for promotions and copy-heavy information that is immediately shareable. Information shared on these mediums usually revolve around current events and social commentary.


A more personal social media platform in nature, uploads are typically limited to pictorial content and short video clips. Content shared by users on these platforms tend to be creative and less text-heavy. Additionally, the user has more creative control over how they can organize and display their content. Instagram in particular is huge for personal branding, along with the next two that I mention below.


These social media platforms are where professional users share information about organizations and businesses (internally). Users’ networks are more exclusive and concentrated per industry. Google+ is more tech-oriented, while LinkedIn revolves specifically around career opportunities, networking and displaying industry expertise or soliciting it from thought leaders.

You may have already had an idea as to what the differences are between the various social media platforms that currently exist. However, it is important to choose your social media channel carefully, or you run the risk of having your message become ‘lost in translation‘ to your target audience. No Bueno.

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