Let’s Get Engaged

MAY 20, 2015

I love meeting new people and making new friends. It is always exciting to be exposed to a different world other than your own. Exploring new products, companies that you have never heard of, learning about a unique culture from a far away land — or one that is right in your neighborhood, music that is just too good to be true, even the occasional recipe all excite me. But none of this is made possible, at the level of speed with which it exists today, than through emerging media.

Again, emerging media is essentially the convergence of digital platforms that businesses and consumers use to connect with one another, be it through social media, mobile devices, webpage design, peer commentary and sharing of activities. All of this has been made exponentially possible by way of the Web.

I have experience in the tech world and I can immediately see how emerging media has transformed the industry. In fact, the amount of innovation and creativity that penetrates consumer electronics products and services is unparalleled to that of any other industry. It is actually quite scary if you think about it, but emerging media in technology gives us a sneak peak into the path of the future, therefore I appreciate it.

Before technology, people were restricted to their personal networks, and operated with limited knowledge. You only knew about life in Japan, Germany, Romania, or Brazil because you had a family member who lived there or you knew of a friend who studied abroad at said locations. That is, if you had never traveled there personally yourself.


Tokyo, Japan

Cologne at night

Cologne, Germany


Bucharest, Romania

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (World Cup 2014)

But now you know more about these places — you can actually attest to certain aspects of life at these beautiful cities because you can see it for yourself with just several clicks on your PC. How exciting is that? Emerging media and technology has allowed us to do this. Social media for example, has exposed us to lifestyles and cultures that exist all over the world. Technically, you don’t even have to visit those places, but that would’t be any fun now, would it?

You can talk about a company and provide a review or personal testimonial (and have them respond back!), connect directly with and pledge allegiance to a brand all through your personal computer or mobile device. And, what’s really cool about it all is that feedback provided by you or received externally is INSTANTANEOUS. Magic — voila!

Emerging media is changing my industry and many more. Watch this video to learn more about the future:

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