Reach me online

Advertisements are a part of life. They are — at least for the time being unavoidable. I actually do not have a problem with ads reaching me online, as I have learned about great companies and products this way.

I was researching for a paper online on a website one day and BAM, a pre-roll ad pops up and steals my attention away. A pre-roll ad is one that scrolls across whatever content that you might be looking at and automatically displays their content (that brought you to the site):

Equinox gym



Normally, I would have been annoyed, but these ads are so unique. The video started playing and it featured a cool ad — for a gym of all things. I was so intrigued by the ad, that I ended up clicking on the link to the website and actually filled out a form for a membership representative to contact me. I immediately regretted it as soon as I filled it out, and silently started to panic, but I thought, ‘hey, maybe they won’t really contact me. After all, I already have a gym membership elsewhere — I was just curious.

They called me. And the convo got real awkward once the rep realized I was not in the market for a new membership. But I will totally join once I am ready, or maybe I’ll find somewhere else to sweat in style Who knows? Anyway, I digress. There are so many ways for companies to reach us these days: Email marketing, banner ads, Google Adwords, SEO, pop-ups, and mobile text ads. I will mention more of these in detail in my other posts, but we as consumers are so accessible now of days.

Next time a company hits you with an ad, take a second before you swipe them away and observe how they are trying to reach you.

Enjoy the Equinox ad below:

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