Speaking of Demographics…



As I look at my younger siblings and family members, it is amazing to see how much the digital landscape has shaped their experiences. My younger sister practically grew up with YouTube and Tumblr and used such platforms to upload videos of her musical talents. I often wonder what my path would have looked like had I had access to such tools growing up. I probably would have had gone down a very different career path – with marketing still somewhere there in the mix – but c’est la vie.

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In today’s times, multicultural marketing is a must. The United States is changing right before our eyes, and professoinal marketers and communicators must reflect that. This notion is exciting to me as I love traveling and love learning about different cultures. Sit me in front of a marathon of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations or Parts Unknown or Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods, and I’m done for the day.


There is no where else that I would rather be…other than traveling to said places that they feature. However, as a marketer, this practice is extremely important as ‘one size fits all’ advertising just does not cut it anymore — plus, its boring to be frank.

I chose to focus on marketing to African Americans in this post, and learned some interesting facts. This multicultural group spends over  $900 billion a year, and guess which social media platform they tend to flock to the most? You guessed it — (just assuming) Twitter! Check out this video below to see what else I learned about African Americans’ role in emerging media:

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